Ercolani Farm

Ercolani Farm


Family history since 1940 Ercolani it is the story of cellarmen and winemakers, of shops and ambitions.


It is the story of those who love their land and their land know the secrets, appreciate the scents, taste the flavors.
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The winery Cantine Ercolani was founded in 1988 in Montepulciano, in the heart of a sweet Tuscany where, already in the 40s, great-grandfather Ercolani showed love and skills in the wine cellar.
Over time the company grows, buys new land, expands its views and strengthens the workforce; the commitment to genuineness remains constant, genuineness of the raw materials, of the cultivation and manufacturing processes and of the traditional cuisine. To date the farm Ercolani counts on a solid organization. Expert personnel take care of the processing of about 150 hectares of land, crops, truffle grounds, vineyards, olive groves, sheep farms and direct sales.
The flagship of the company is the Underground City which deals with the production, transformation, sale and tasting of only products related to the Poliziano territory such as Nobile di Montepulciano wine, vinsanto DOC, grappa, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino, salami, jams, honey and fresh truffles.

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Born from the dedication of cellarmen and winemakers and from the foresight of those who believed in the potential of the sweet Tuscan territory, the farm Ercolani today it is an esteemed point of reference for the production, transformation and direct sale of products of the Polizian tradition.
The inseparable bond that the family Ercolani has woven with its land animates every process of the production chain: vineyards, olive groves, protection of truffle environments, cultivation of cereals, fruit trees, sheep, pig and beehive farms, for the production of pecorino, typical salami, honey, oil extra virgin olive oil, pasta, jams, truffles; aging of the wine in oak barrels.
Inside the Underground City, the family Ercolani offers the following services:

  • direct sales point of the company's products
  • tastings of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, grappa and vinsanti DOC and tastings of the company's products offered in the cellars' sales points
  • paid tastings for groups or individuals by reservation with customizable choice of meats, cheeses, oil and wines
  • guided tour of the Underground City
  • preparation of baskets and gift boxes
  • excursions in search of truffles
  • participation at the time of the harvest
  • accompanying activities in the countryside with a visit to the company's land